35 years from the foundation in Asakusa,
Edo-mae sushi "Takano"

Respecting the tradition of “Edo-mae” and continuing to pursue it

Wide table seats
With a large number of people

You can also use private room for a reception and a special dine.

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Asakusa Takano was established here 3 minutes on foot from Asakusa Station (Tsukuba EXP) and 35 years has passed from the establishment.

Asakusa Takano respects the idea that Edo-mae sushi is “fast food”.

That means

【All the “flavors” of this restaurant must be poured into each sushi】,

we think.

We would like customers to taste and remember
the taste and skill of Asakusa Takano by one piece of sushi.
And we would like you to compare it with the “Edo-mae sushi” that you have ever eaten.


Edo-mae and Japanese-style course menu dishes

In Takano, you can also choose the course of Edo-mae sushi and Japanese-style course menu dishes.
Feel free to enjoy the fusion of Edo-mae Sushi's traditions and recent Japanese food culture.

Please enjoy our specialty “Grilled scallop with seaweed”.
You can enjoy the scent of seaweed and the good taste of the hot scallops that spread in your mouth.

We serve Edo-mae sushi that has been consistently carefully selected. How about "Kohada" at first?
If you compare with other stores, you should understand the difference.

Counter seats,
and spacious table seats

In addition to counter seats, Takano has table seats that can be used for chartering with a large number of people.
You can dine without worrying about other customers if you use Fusuma.

You can see how sushi chefs use their skills up close.
Please tell us what you like from the sushi material that changes according to the season and purchase conditions.

Spacious table seats are also available for the sushi dine in a private room.
You can use it for important entertainment and dinner without worrying about the eyes of other customers.
Please feel free to contact us for details.

35 years from the foundation in Asakusa, Edo-mae sushi “Asakusa Takano”


* Reservations for courses and luncheons can be made by phone up to 3 days in advance.

Regular holiday: Irregular holidays