35 years from the foundation in Asakusa,
Edo-mae sushi, Takano

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Asakusa Takano was established here 3 minutes on foot from Asakusa Station (Tsukuba EXP) and 35 years has passed from the establishment.
People in the local community often come to our restaurant, and customers who came with their parents when they were young grow up and often visit us again.
In recent years, tourists who search about Edo-mae sushi are increasing, and there are even more opportunities to visit both domestic and overseas.

Our restaurant is a sushi restaurant that offers Edo-mae sushi, so, to customers who want to eat Edo-mae sushi,
the owner of our restaurant will pick up the explanation of “Edo-mae sushi”.

For customers who understand the difference, about the origin of Edo-mae sushi and Asakusa Takano

“Nigiri Sushi” in Edo appeared in the 1800s and was a light meal offered at the stall, the so-called “Fast Food”.

There is a phrase that “sushi restaurants with a dirty shop curtain are delicious”. It is said that this phrase come from the scene that people bite just one or two sushi, wipe their hands with a shop curtain and go out immediately.
Among them, sushi restaurants using high-grade as a selling point started to set up restaurants with pushing by the merchants who stored their property and the local Edo residents that did not have money.

There is another reason behind the sushi became luxury food.
In general, a sushi chef who stands in front of customers and holds sushi can be called a star craftsman at a sushi restaurant.
This is because there are many craftsmen behind the scenes, such as craftsmen in charge of making rice, craftsmen in charge of cooking sushi toppings, and craftsmen in charge of soup dishes.
While there are many such behind-the-scenes craftsmen, the star craftsmen standing in front of customers are called “sushi chefs”.
In order to hold sushi, it was necessary to feed a lot of craftsmen behind the scenes, so we had to be high-grade.

The reason why “Nigiri Sushi” became “Edo-mae Sushi” is in the cooking method.

In the early 1800s, not only refrigerators and freezers, but also rapid seafood transport technologies were not developed,
Using food preservatives and antiseptics was necessary to the food that was eaten in summer.
For this reason, it is said that sushi topping was cooked with vinegar or salt, boiled or baked.
How to eat this sushi toppings in a delicious way became the basis of Edo-mae sushi.
By drawing out the original taste of the seafood, for example, you will be able to see the difference between the horse mackerel and the pilchard.
We believe that this cooking method is a feature of sushi restaurants.

Asakusa Takano respects the idea of “fast food”.

That means

【All the “flavors” of this restaurant must be poured into each sushi】,

we think.

We would like customers to enjoy and remember the taste and skills of “Asakusa Takano”.
And we would like you to compare it with the “Edo-mae sushi” that you have ever eaten.

Takano Asakusa think this phrase,

"I've come again"

is the most compliment,
and are devoted every day and look forward to your visit.

35 years from the foundation in Asakusa, Edo-mae sushi “Asakusa Takano”


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